My 5 Favourite Things About Spring- Laur

My 5 Favourite Things About Spring- Laur

Now that Spring is here, I feel like I’ve come out of hibernation. The whole of winter was spent hiding inside wearing 5 layers of clothes and eating pasta bake, refusing to leave my flat and go into the cold unless it was absolutely necessary (think important lectures or running out of almond milk). And even then, I would only leave to follow a planned route, to return home as soon as possible.

As you can tell, I’m not a winter person. So when Spring comes around, I honestly feel like my motivation and happiness has returned to full strength. Here’s 5 of my favourite things about Spring:

  1. The colours
    What’s not to love about Spring colours? The trees finally blossom, Spring wear hits all the high street stores, and the clocks go back so we can enjoy an extra hour of Spring sun. I love that everything seems so much brighter in Spring.
  2. Floral everything
    If you say you don’t like floral, you’re lying to yourself. When it looks good in so many styles, literally anyone can wear floral. I love that Spring brings around fresh, floaty dresses and skirts with the floral print that are so refreshing to see after four long months of nothing but knit jumpers and jeans.
  3. Print trousers
    I know there’s no specific time of the year when it’s actually unacceptable to wear print trousers, but there’s something about the winter that makes me really not want to wear them, especially those that are three quarter length or have brightly coloured patterns. So when Spring comes, it’s not unusual for me to buy multiple pairs of print trousers and wear the hell out of them, just because I can.
  4. Complete feed refresh
    When your Instagram feed mostly relies on outdoor pictures, everything can start to get a little repetitive. If it wasn’t for mine and Em’s changing outfits, we would have found it hard to keep up the consistency over the winter months. But Spring brings so many new opportunities- outdoor brunch, ice cream, and spontaneous trips away. After months of being stuck indoors, Em and I just want to be outside as much as possible, and our feed loves us for it!
    Yes, the caps were necessary. Em and I are total chocoholics, and who doesn’t love having an excuse to eat your weight in chocolate in one sitting? I’ve already been surprised with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate egg from Brad (it may or may not have already been eaten), and I plan to buy as many creme eggs as I possibly can while they’re still in stock- and don’t even get me started about the day-after-Easter excitement when all the eggs are selling half price.

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