A Day In Our Life: Seeing Mamma Mia and Trying Avocado Paninis

A Day In Our Life: Seeing Mamma Mia and Trying Avocado Paninis

Happy bank holiday Sunday!!

Last week Em and I took a day off from uni to head home and watch one of our favourite musicals of all time, Mamma Mia. We thought we’d document the day and let you guys know what we got up to.

It’s fair to say musicals are one of mine and Em’s obsessions, but Mamma Mia takes things up a whole new level. We’re both obsessed with the film (starring Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and, of course, Colin Firth) and have probably watched it over 100 times between us, so when we saw the musical was touring the UK, we knew we had to get tickets.

After making the journey back on the train, we met in Hanley town centre, our hometown. Anyone who is familiar with Stoke on Trent or Hanley knows that it really isn’t the prettiest place (which is why for this blog post I used pics we took later in Notts), but we thought we’d capture a few photos outfit while we were there.

I wore one of my favourite purchases from my shopping haul in Birmingham- my River Island grey tie waist tapered trousers– with a black crop top from Wish and some pointy-toe flats from Primark. I accessorized the look with a Black metal trim handle clutch bag from New Look, which is really edgy and almost has a designer feel to it.

Em wore Boohoo head to toe, pairing an A line leather look mini skirt with a black ruffle sleeve top.

We lunched at a cafe called Tsp. which we’ve both heard good things about. Em’s been eating healthily recently, so she tried an avocado and bacon panini (I was more than happy to stick with a standard mozzarella and pesto one, but she actually loved it). The excitement was building now that the show was less than an hour away and we headed over to the theatre to grab our seats before it got too busy.

We were worried that Mamma Mia wouldn’t live up to our expectations, but all in all we really enjoyed the production. It was hard not to compare it to the film and find the film better, but the music, dancing and comedy was enough to make anyone smile!

If anyone has any musical recommendations, Em and I are always up for hearing them. We plan to see Wicked next, as it’s supposed to be touring in the UK soon, but we’re not particularly fussy on what we see as long as it’s fun, vibrant and entertaining.

Laur x

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