Alcatel Pop 4 6″- Our Thoughts

Hey lovelies,

This post officially marks the first on our new blog (have you checked out our domain name?! We feel super fancy with it!) As always, apologies about the lack of blogging recently, life has managed to get in the way of it again. At the moment, with the stress of third year definitely at its peak, I’ve been staying up super late and getting up super early just to cram everything into my day, and the past two weekends (when I would usually find time to blog) I’ve been away and hadn’t taken my laptop with me, so I’ve been really missing blogging recently and thought I’d squeeze a post in tonight.

If you follow us on Instagram (you can check us out by following the link at the bottom of our blog, by the way), you’ll know that Em and I were lucky enough to be sent not one, but two, Alcatel Pop 4 six inch phones to try out.

Shock announcement: Em and I aren’t iPhone users, and have actually never used an iPhone in our lives. It’s not that we have anything against them; it’s more that we can’t justify spending so much money on a phone that basically does the same things as any android phone at a fraction of the price would do. We’ve stuck with androids since the beginning, and although we’re always open for change, now that we’re familiar with how they work, we’d probably be too lazy to switch away from them.

I’ve been through so many phones since my first brick-like Sony that I remember picking out in an Argos catalogue because I liked the pretty sunset on the screensaver (that marketing). I actually had an Alcatal phone back in the day, and remember it was the coolest phone I ever owned. It was square shaped and opened like a compact mirror, and when it was closed a glittery envelope would flash if I’d received a message. I don’t even know why I got rid of that phone, I was so obsessed!

Obviously, Alcatel’s products have come a long way in five years. The new Pop 4 6 is one of the best of Alcatel’s range specs-wise, which made me incredibly excited to try it out.

What I love

There’s no denying that this phone is incredibly sleek and stylish, and for a fashion blogger, this is basically a necessity! No one wants a badly-placed ugly phone ruining an outfit shot or a flatlay, but I’d go as far to say the Alcatel Pop 4 6 makes the shot.

I also really love the fact that this phone has a six inch screen. Vain as it is, I love being able to see mine and Em’s Instagram feed on a larger surface, and at such a high quality. It is so complimentary towards pictures and other visual elements.

Finally, let me talk about this phone’s battery life. I know all phones’ batteries start to die after a year or so, and that they start out amazingly, but WOW. Being able to use my phone on and off for an entire day of uni and return home with still 65% of battery is insane, especially as my old phone had started plummeting very rapidly to 40% over a couple of hours before turning off completely.


What I don’t love

Call me old-school, but I’m not loving the new trend of having the finger scanner on the back of the phone. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m very set in my ways, and I haven’t yet been able to unlock my Alcatel Pop 4 6 without first attempting to press my finger on a non-existent front sensor. Also, I accidentally activate the lock screen if I accidentally touch the back of my phone when taking it out of my bag, which is a little annoying.

Another thing I’m not so fond of is the keyboard that comes with the phone. I’m just not a fan of the blob-type emojis- I prefer circular emojis, thank you (first world problems, ay), and I’m also used to things being in a different order on the screen, so one of the first things I did after setting the phone up was get another keyboard from the app store.

Overall I have to say I’m really quite pleased with the Alcatel Pop 4 6. I also may or may not have been waving it about in people’s faces a little bit, just so that they can complement me on it, and because it really is something that feels cool to own. I’m not sure that the phones have been added to UK stock just yet, but for anyone who’s interested, I’ll keep an eye out for you.

Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!

Laur x

Disclaimer: Although Em and I received this product free of charge, this post is not sponsored and all opinions are our own.

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