Blogging: Our story

Blogging: Our story

So this blog post definitely has a lot more of a personal edge than a lot of other posts we’ve written. It’s probably going to be a bit rambling, so grab yourself a some snacks and get comfy! We get so many messages from people asking us how we set up our blog and Instagram. What was the inspiration? Were we always in the fashion niche? How do we stay motivated? So we thought we’d write a whole post following our personal story for you guys to enjoy! We love writing these kind of posts, as if helps us to reflect on how far we’ve come. And believe me when I say that we didn’t think we’d ever be in this position!

So how did it all begin?

The Love of Writing

As soon as we could pick up a a pencil and paper, Laur and I instantly developed a passion for writing. In fact, as early as our primary school days, we would sit at the family computer writing fully-fledged novels containing thousands of words for our mum and dad to read. Even though they weren’t anywhere near good enough to be published, we got such enjoyment out of expressing whatever was in our minds that we had soon written over one hundred ‘novels’. It was no surprise, then, that English was our favourite subject, and we continued to study this right through until the end of our college years.

It was at this point that our passion for writing blossomed into a passion for media and journalism. We both read magazines often and followed our favourite bloggers on Instagram. One Summer, we decided to create a joint lifestyle blog, a place to express our emotions and unleash our love for writing. However, September came around and we went our separate ways to study journalism and media at different universities. The complete change of lifestyle (pardon the pun) meant that our blog was put on hold, as we made new friends, began our degrees and began to adapt to living alone. We were so caught up in the whole uni lifestyle, that the blog didn’t get taken off hold again until I dropped out of my course after the first term.

Despite our mum’s worrying that I’d regret dropping out, I knew that I had made a mistake in my uni choice- everything from the course to the location. Settling into a part time job, I applied for a course at another uni which (coincidentally) was only a half hour drive away from Laur’s. As Laur finished uni for the summer, we both became bored and wanted a project. Suddenly, the blog was back in business.

It was around this time that we decided to make an Instagram account as a platform to promote our blog. Using our phones, we began to shoot weekly so that we would have daily pictures to post for our followers to see. We soon developed a passion for photography, and invested in another camera to up the quality of our pictures. We stuck with our lifestyle theme, shooting pictures of flowers, interior decor and the occasional outfit shot. But something was missing.

From Lifestyle to Fashion

We had always had a love of fashion, but I guess we felt totally our of our depth with the whole idea of actually blogging about it. When Laur suggested that we moved our niche from lifestyle to fashion, I remember saying ‘I love shopping but I’m no fashion expert!’. Despite this, we decided to take the risk. For us, lifestyle was a pretty difficult niche to be in, as being students, we didn’t have much access to pretty interior or gorgeous cafe shots. Because of this, our outfit shots had already started to become more regular, meaning that the jump wasn’t as big as anticipated. At first- and I’m going to be totally honest here- we found being in the fashion niche very challenging. As none of us were working back then, we had to rely on a limited wardrobe, and it wasn’t always easy to be buying trend pieces when we needed things that would keep us going year after year. Our pictures and posts were a little on the boring side, but we still developed a number of followers and readers which we are so grateful for.

In the Summer of 2017, both of us had begun working and suddenly were in a position to start buying whatever we fancied (within reason- no Gucci bags for us!) As we headed back to uni that September with fresh new wardrobes, combined with a brand new DSLR camera, our love of photography shot up and our blog and Instagram finally started to look the way we wanted it to. As we were able to show off more pieces, our blog posts became more interesting and our love for fashion continued to develop. We started to use the editing app Lightroom and played around with creating our own preset, until we had developed something that we loved. (Check our how we edit our Instagram photos here!) Our feed now looked consistent and cohesive.

From Fashion to Fashion AND Travel?

Recently, you may have begun to see a move from purely fashion, to fashion and travel shots combined. Our blog has always showcased travel guides and lookbooks, but we wanted to give our Instagram a more magical feel, inspired by travel bloggers such as Amelia Liana and NotJessFashion, as well as incorporating another one of our huge passions (travel) into our photos. This year, we have made it a big priority to travel frequently throughout the summer, and have a number of destinations lined up, including outfits for each place! We fully believe that travelling is good for the soul, and is worth any penny- even from someone who is on a tight budget.

The Drive Behind the Blog

No matter where we go and who we meet, Laur and I are often complimented on one thing- how driven we are! For me (and I know Laur feels the same), being complimented on our drive and motivation is miles better than something which is based off looks (but let’s not lie, we all love to be called pretty). There’s nothing better than when my boyfriend tells me he’s proud of how much I push myself, especially when sometimes it’s easy to forget just how much work we’re actually putting in.

For us, we believe our drive comes from both internal and external sources. Aside from the motivation levels being in our genes, there was one other main source of drive: our mum. We grew up with relatively strict rules to do with school work: no phones until your homework is done! No days off school unless you physically can’t get out of bed! Don’t even think about failing that test! At the time, we complained and sulked, but as we’ve grown up, we learnt that today we wouldn’t be half the people we are without our mum’s continuous pushing.

Do we spend the whole day in bed if we’re feeling a bit run-down? No. Do we take the easy option and rely on our (pretty generous) student loan instead of getting a part time job? No. Thanks to our drive, Laur and I are both managing a number of client’s social media accounts, without even having a degree yet! And without our drive, we wouldn’t have dreamed of setting up a blog.

Before this turns into a whole autobiography, I think it’s time to end the blog post here! Laur and I are thinking of doing another post related to blogging tips and how to achieve what you want to in life, so feel free to let us know if you would like this. Talk soon!

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