Why we love Spring

Now March is finally here, Spring is literally just around the corner- as hard as that is to believe. As we write this, we’re wrapped in blankets with the heating on full blast watching a full on snowstorm whipping around outside. I mentioned that it’s ironic that Storm Emma is named after me, as out of everybody in the UK I’m probably someone who is wishing for Spring to hurry up and arrive more than the average person.

As our Sunny weather shots are totally limited at the minute, we thought we’d include some pics from our holiday to Spain last May. (Which we may or may not be staring at in total envy right now).

The Weather

It’s no secret that us bloggers hate the cold weather. Shoot days are usually our absolute favourite days in the warmer weather, however the sub- zero temperatures make the prospect of shooting in anything other than knee-length coats an absolute chore. Especially when we want to show off the outfit that’s underneath the coat. Thinking about being able to take our time with each individual shot in the glorious sunny weather gets us so excited- heck, anything warmer than 10 degrees would be an absolute blessing at the minute.

The Travelling

For us, although we try and squeeze a couple of city breaks into Autumn and Winter, Spring is the time when we begin heading to different places around the world. So far we have Barcelona, Santorini, Kos and Marrakesh booked, and hope to go to Venice again for our birthday in August. As we always say, travel is so good for the soul, and no one was put on this earth- full of beautiful places and things to see- just to stay in one place.

The Fashion

If you asked us what our favorite season for fashion is, our answer would always be Spring. The transition from a wardrobe consisting of a lot of blacks and greys to one based around pastels, ruffles, florals and bright colours is something which we relish and hugely look forward to. At the end of Winter, our legs always feel so sun-deprived and we refuse to put on a pair of jeans! (At least not for a while, anyway).

The flowers

At the risk of sounding like we’re around 80 years old, there’s nothing better than watching the plants come to life in the Spring. As soon as the leaves come on the trees and the daffodils begin to pop up, England looks like such a nicer, happier more colourful place. Our absolute favourite is when the blossom grows on the trees- definitely something which should stay all year round!

More time spent outdoors

For us, Spring means heading to our local park for picnics, sunbathing and long, sunny walks. We’ll be the first ones to admit that we don’t spend half as much time outdoors as we should be doing in the Winter. Aside from walking to work or uni, nothing is dragging us out of the warmth of our flats during the colder weather! When Spring makes its appearance, it’s so nice to be able to venture outside again.

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