Our Travel Bucket List

Our Travel Bucket List

Just because we were born in Staffordshire, in the middle of the UK, it doesn’t mean we were destined to stay there for the rest of our lives. The world is huge, and so many different cultures, climates, and landscapes wouldn’t exist if they weren’t made for exploring. The two of us started proper traveling- as in, planning a trip not just with the intention of spending a week on a sunbed- a couple of years again, and since then, we’ve been lucky enough to visit Venice and Rome, a fair few Greek Islands, Malaga, Barcelona, Gibraltar, Prague and Budapest. But we are nowhere near ready to settle down and call it a day.

This travel bucket list is more of a reminder to ourselves of all the beautiful places that are out there, right now, just waiting for us to visit, than anything, but it might also inspire some wanderlust in yourself. Feel free to take any one of these experiences and add them to your own bucket list!

We’ll most likely go back and keep adding to this list, with every new interesting place we hear of- there are just too many places to remember them to write down in one go! We will also be ticking off the things we achieve as we go.

  1. Go on a Safari in Africa
  2. Experience city culture in Japan
  3. Visit the colorful streets of Cuba
  4. Cruise around the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand
  5. See the Northern Lights in Iceland
  6. Cruise under the Niagara Falls
  7. Visit New York
  8. Explore Tokyo during Cherry Blossom season
  9. See the Taj Mahal
  10. Visit the temples in Cambodia
  11. Trek to Machu Picchu
  12. Visit the Grand Canyon
  13. Road trip down the Route 66
  14. Walk across the Great Wall of China
  15. See the Sunrise at Cappadocia
  16. Visit the canals of Amsterdam
  17. Visit Positano and Cinque Terre in Italy
  18. Climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa
  19. Float in the Dead Sea
  20. Live abroad for at least four months
  21. Spend a night in a casino at Las Vegas
  22. Swim with fish in Fiji
  23. Watch a sunset in Santorini
  24. Visit Provence in lavender season
  25. Eat street food in Marrakesh
  26. Trek through the Amazon Jungle
  27. Embrace the party lifestyle in Goa

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